Previous College Tours & Other Stuff

Dj Beatstreet College Tour : Dickinson College

Shout outs to Corinthia & Rocky for the booking. Halloween night, nothing short of insanity. People from Brooklyn definitely represented. During sound check,  just imagine you spinning rocking out to music and you turn around to find 5 monsters behind you (on the outside balcony) trying to wu-tang and the only way you knew was when you turned around and Mike Myers dancing on beat. May I say, for the 1st time I did not fear for my life around Mike Myers.

Dj Beatstreet @ Public House Sat Nov 1st 2008

Dj Beatstreet Featured @ Masquerade Ball at Dickenson College Homecoming

Dj Beatstreet College Tour: Shippensburg University Homecoming Day 2

Im back on the road fresh out of Bloomingdale’s driving in the rain to Ship for part two of homecoming. The step show was cool, all the teams were on point especially the Iotas (shameless plug) Of course it ran beyond its time frame and the party started late. Then the brave soul that comes to every party thinking he is superman because he had his first 5 shots of Patron of his college career comes starts a fight with armed guards, approx 40 minutes into the party. So extra special shout out to SUPERMAN for not letting me get into my sets and giving me the chance to go to the hotel early.  I tip my glass to you, but if are one of the few hundred that paid, find him and beat the refund out of him.


Dj Beatstreet or or its affiliates do not condone violence or actions of violence

Dj Beatstreet: The Bloomingdale’s Experience

Big up to Dj A-Run totally fun experience at Bloomingdale’s in the Willow Grove Mall. Security trippin about taking photos but shout outs to Adonai Branded Eternal for hook ups on the “Disciple” tee. We gonna get the photo opts next time. Also check them out at

Dj Beatstreet College Tour: Shippensburg University Homecoming Day 1

So lets do the run down… Shout out to APB for putting on the event. Shout out to Miss H and Miss “Reality” for the booking, Shout out to security, Shout out to Monica for showing up to 2 1/2 hours late for a 30 minute performance. Shout out to her 25 person entourage of middle aged women in parkas standing in the corner like holes in the wall. Shout out to Dj Beatstreet for showing up on time, that is a plus.

Dj Beatstreet College Tour: Penn State Homecoming Main Campus

We Are!!!!! Penn State!!! The party of the Toftrees Resort Hotel was completely insane. Shout outs to the CSA for hooking it up. Bad man forward bad man PULL UP!!! The ladies where also killing it in the dance hall competition, Dutty Wine!

Dj Beatstreet College Tour: West Chester University Homecoming

West Chester: 12:30am is all I can say. Who would of know that they shut events down just as we were going in?? It was over all a unique experience for me and as Dj Tito went in dual turntable set. I first for us and West Chester. A night were we got extra rowdy and extra dumb.

Let me clear the air about Facebook.

It is no lie that facebook is a great marketing tool as well as a good way to stay connected to your friends and share memories and pictures and other fun stuff. But how far is too far? The strict terms of service have caused the Dj Beatstreet profile to dissipate because it was not a “real” name linked to a SS# or birth certificate. In the action of disabling the profile all access to my pictures from all past college tour events and past event are now unable to be reached, so we will be picture-less at the moment for the Shippensburg College Tour Edition and limited for the Penn State and West Chester College Tour Edition. But we all know who to thank. So thank you facebook for messing things up. Now back to the college tour.

Dj Beatstreet College Tour: Kutztown University

After 4hrs of sleep, and 4hrs on the road, Dj Beatstreet lands in KutztownUniversity. Again another full house with a great performance from Kutztown’s very own Black Flame Dance Group. Shout outs to Daniell, Curt, and Dom.

Dj Beatstreet: Pre Game in the Oak Grove

Pre Game in the Oak Grove was a blast at 10:00 am in the cold Indiana weather. Go Hawks! Special thank yous to Amber, Rhonda, Terry, and everyone else who was able to make this happen.

DJ Beatstreet College Tour: IUP Homecoming


Club Tequila was complete madness. Non stop love in the booth, great crowd, and complete harassment from Indiana County state police but all in all a night in the history books. Shout out to the Lady Assassins, Sound Assassins, Young Entrepreneurs Consulting, and the security team.

Dj Beatstreet @ Shippensburg University for Black & Gold Pageant

Shippensburg was another great time. Shout out to the whole Iota Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. Shout out to Sherman, Lonnie S. Josh B. Lamont F. Aarun, Ben & all of Gettysburg College for supporting.

Cheyney University: another packed out show for IOTA PHI THETA’s Code 63 Party. Shout out to Freak-Nasty for hosting the event, and the drunk girl who fell on my turntable and snapped the table in half. Good Job.

Frostburg State University was absolutely bananas. Shout out to the whole DMV for representing.

Dj Beatstreet Presents

Ne-Yo: Gentleman Of The Year

Zipped Track Files

Download Link Z-Share Long Mp3

Dj Beatstreet College Tour @ KU

Shout out to Devon, Kristy and the whole ACE Organization for making it happen.

Dj Beatstreet Presents: Counterfeit Love

New Beyonce Mixtape


The 40/40 Club in Atlantic City for Scratch Mechaniks’ Dj Aktive birthday was bananas!!

Shout outs to DJ A-Run good look, Dj Excel, Jay-Ski, Aktive, Kim, Justina, Jamie, B, and rest of the bottle service girls.

Dj Beatstreet at IUP Oak Grove

The Oak Grove experience was absolutely bananas! A few thousand people, free food, the crimson hawk, and Dungeon & Dragons RPGin the background. A historical moment was made today. It started with IUP Day and now Beatstreet at the Oak Grove. College tour 08/09 is on its way.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The IUP pre party was a blast. Just a kickoff to never ending college tour of 08-09.

Thursday, Aug 21, 2008

Pittsburgh Official Model Call

Dreemz Ultra Lounge

Dreemz again was off the chain. Shout out to Matty and all the bartenders for a great time. Shout out to the dude that could afford to get his whole head shaved.

DJ Beatstreet @ Club Deja Vu

Pittsburgh’s Official Model Call

Decision 08: Obama, McCain, Beatstreet


Adonai Branded Eternal
Shopping is a habit, and when it comes to urban wear its more of an addiction. The quality has to be just right, the style has to be in, and design has to be unique. Adonai Branded Eternal is just doing all of that. here are some pics of me goofing around at the dealership with Adonai.
Rebel Since Birth.
Last night at Dreemz wild. Drinks (Cranberry & Grey Goose) were on Spit. Music was on point, and when I tell you that this was a beach party not to be missed. It was a beach party to be missed. Shout out to Spit, Matty, Bartenders, and photographer Brian Egendorf.
Dj Beatstreet @ Dreemz Beach Party

Dj Beatstreet @ Dreemz Beach Party

Milli To A Billi
Milli To A Billi

Milli To A Billi Mixtape Cover

Zshare Link


So this is how the story goes down: I just got done setting up at Transit Nightclub with Thommy Live, when Dj Omega comes down and is like, “Look there is an emergency, I need a dj to go to VIP.” After a moment of silence, I’m like, “Ok I’ll do it.” He basically makes me shove all my stuff in my bag, and pushes me out the doors of the club where a lady (Tiffany) is waiting for me. She says, “Jump in the car. I will bring you back, I promise.” Well lets say a few obscenities were spoken because of the unfortunate cricumstances that has placed us in this predicament. We almost crashed, and made it to the venue in 6 minutes when it should of been about a 15 min drive. We get to VIP and any dj who has been there must know this as well: The equiptment is trash, and the turntables do not work well at all, but other than that it’s a cool spot. A great time was had by all and www.digphilly.comwas in the building. Tiffany then drove me back to Transit to finish djing from 2:00am-3:30 am. What a long night.


Dreemz on Thursday was wild. Shout out to Matty, Spit, Steve, Hardware Fashion and everyone else who came out and made it poppin. It was another packed house.


Yes kids, I don’t beleive it either. The college life chapter is over and that is when life takes you on its wings and soars you to new heights, or bites you in the A$$. And at this moment my culo hurts!!! So, I sit and do the math, why I owe soo much money to the loan man ….. and oh yeah, college life, thats why! So everyone who is reading this and in college, KEEP POPPIN THEM BOTTLES … You got 6 months ’till you start paying the loans back.

New Mix: More Of A Party Music Mix here: shout out to Dj Excel and Dave Nada, Download Now! All My Baltimore And House Heads, This Is Something You Should Enjoy


Philly Greek Week

July 12th Is Approaching Fast! For all of those who don’t know it’s Philly Greek Weekend! Shout Owts To Iota Phi Theta. Crazy Party @ Cebu in OldeCity Going Down, Also I will be at Transit Nightclub With Dj Omega, Dj Flow, Dj Nasty, Dj Amir, Dj Amaze and Tommy Live. It Should be A WILD TIME so if your are in Philly that night I’ll See You there. Check me out on the flyer, I got the bright hat on!

Adonai Branded Eternal

So, Let Us Enjoy What We Can While We Still Have The Time. Adonai Branded Eternal Has Decided To Furnish Dj Beatstreet With Some Pretty Hot New LimtedStreet Wear With A Message. Check Them Out At:

While We Wait For Cover Art And Media Page To Be Built, Enjoy The Milli To A Billi Mixtape Featuring The Likes Of Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z, Lil’ Mama and Exclusives From Duece Poppi, K-Jay, And Kardinal Offishall, Just To Name A Few.

Dj Beatstreet Wearing Adonai

Milli To A Billi Mixtape Link:

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