Stunt Doublemint

Dj Beatstreet & Mint Lounge

I was on my way to Public House to hear the sounds of newly dubbed “World Famous” A-Run. I’m just arriving the Art Museum area of Philadelphia when my the Blackberry Messenger goes off. After a few minutes of texting back and forth im headed to Lansdowne to pick up my Serato & Mac and head of to Mint in Olde City. Once I was there I got the news that their resident Dj was in a car accident ( hes okay yay ! ) but the car was messed up. Setting up I ran into old college associates Kerick & Alton. So we rocked out in old city like old times with a whole bunch of good requests from random people, until the Scott Storch remix of “Let Me Love You” By Mario Ft Jadakiss was asked ummmm this resulted into “constant cue mode” aka I got my headphones one, can’t talk right now, try again after 2 A.M.

Beatstreet Being Dumb
Beatstreet Being Dumb

Before Cutting The Turkey

Dj Beatstreet & Dj A-Run

Thanksgiving eve, while most of us were on the road and others were cooking an oversize chicken. Dj A-Run and I were at Ms. Tootsies Soul Food Cafe. Putting it down for the Urban Jungle party where A-Run was hailed as “World Famous”. That may had to be the funniest thing that night besides the hostess calling me “Dean” all night, and the manager consistently telling us that the volume was too loud when we all really worked with was out monitor in the back of the booth. Shout out to the girl who got trashed by 10:45pm this buds for you! Shout out to A-Run and his chauffeur service for dipping out at midnight and not getting any flicks of me. This will be remembered.

Dj A-Run
Dj A-Run aka “World Famous”

Change Has Come

DJ Beatstreet & Barack The Party

A Party Of Change

I’m not going to get into all the details of the election but I see the people have spoken, me and John McCain both loss the election. Enough of all the madness about history being made, now lets watch history evolve and see if the change promised will come. *Now I am off that soap box* Barack The Party was nothing short of madness. From planning and coordinating all the djs, to sound check, to promotions with a two day time span. The event was completely wild. Also for the first time ever at IUP a four dj set in one night. Shout outs to Dj Nasty Naj, Dj Sit N Spin, Dj Hoss for coming by and putting in work for their sets. So to change we pop bottles (just not on my bar tab) so now I see that a “yes we can” turned into a “yes we did”!

We Are Human: Dj Beatstreet & Brandy

Dj Beatstreet & Brandy At Aloft Hotel

Wired 96.5 FM Radio Philadelphia held a studio session with Brandy at Aloft Hotel. Shout out to JC for reaching out to have me open up the set before Bandy. Also shout out to Binz n R-Eezy for the photo and video work. Also the event was opened up by Dj Excel of the Scracth Makaninks Crew (SMC). Check him out at . Now to the meat and potatoes of the post… Brandy. Totally awesome! Real chill, she had a great energy on stage and yes she did sing to all the youtube doubters. She has an amazing voice as well as personality that shined during her Q&A session of the night. Alot of people were just happy to see her and wanted to know what was the deal with everyone’s favorite home movie entrepreneur “Ray Jay”. Sadly people should of focused on the meaning of her new upcoming album “Human” and who she is working with in the studio. I know from what I heard that Darkchild has a few more tracks on her album, but did she not do a song produced by Kanye West a while back? maybe more production from him and maybe even better a verse from T- West on the autotune? Whatever the case is she is an awesome performer and grade A crowd pleaser.

Here is the video footage of the event.

Dj Beatstreet & Brandy
Dj Beatstreet & Brandy
Dj Beatstreet & Dj Excel (SMC)
Dj Beatstreet & Dj Excel (SMC)
Dj Beatstreet & JC (Wired 96.5FM)
Dj Beatstreet & JC (Wired 96.5FM)

College Tour Roster

Dj Beatstreet College Tour

Fall Semester Edition

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