Dusty Camera

Lost Video

I came across some lost footage from the Barack The Party @ Club Tequila @ IUP in Indiana Pa. Enjoy!

Gangsters Wear Pink

Dj Beatstreet & The Pink & Black Party @ Club Sikira

Oh man oh man, I do not even know where to start. Well for starters the club is spelled Sikira but sounds like Shakira and it erked me beyond any measure because it was not mentally making sense. Oh well. Started the night off with heading down to the Feild House to check out the “World Famous” Dj A-Run. (“The World Famous” title is still being questioned) I also met up with Philly native and now Pittsburgh’s #1 Party Rocker Dj Phiness. Check him out at djphinesse.com

After all the chit chat, I noticed that it was about to be 11:30 and it was time to get ready to go handle my set at Club Sikira. Now here is the run down for Djs. Gotta bring your own tables and mixer what they should of said was some glow in the dark vision and a monitor. The booth was secluded, (a plus) the windows to see the crowd tinted, (a minus) no monitor (a minus) the booth was the official pocket book and coat check ( minus minus minus). Besides all the minues the party was packed. The line outside stayed strong till 3 A.M. closing time, two hour waits just to get in bananas. Shout outs to all the djs who did their thing Dj Skills Da One, Dj Shine, and Dj Tito.

Club Sikira Pink & Black Party
Club Sikira Pink & Black Party
Est. 1963  Beatstreet before the Set @ Club Sikira
Est. 1963 Beatstreet before the Set @ Club Sikira

Pic Of The Party

So I forgot to mention the fashion that happened before my set. They stopped the music as I was setting up and I noticed an old high school friend and college associate “Sheesha”. She wins this Pic Of The Party Award from djbeatstreetonline.com

Sheesha On The Red Carpet @ Club Sikira
Sheesha On The Red Carpet @ Club Sikira

Dunn Dunn It All

Yes I Did

I do not like focusing away from the music, the tour, shows and all that other stuff but, I do have to pull away for one quick second. There has been much suspicion to my ghostly exit out of college. I did not tell anyone about completing the course work over the summer, and then I would only appear to spin at events and never to be heard of again until further notice unless you check the site or my facebook, or saw me at other schools in PA on the stage doing what I do. Well the answer you are all looking for is not here. (sorry to all of the doubters and speculators I will just let the pic explain what happened)

Also Here Is  A Sneek Peek!!!!

Dj Beatstreet – Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Mixtape

Just in time for the Holidays!!! I decided after a long hiatus and people constantly asking me for mixes and all that nonsense that I will finally put a little something together. So here it is for all the Baltimore Club heads out there. Download Now before the cover hits the net.

Zip With Tracks Z-Share Link


Long Link For Mp3 Players


Beatstreet College Tour In New Jersey

Dj Beatstreet College Tour: Rowan University

So, it seems that New Jersey runs on a we don’t care system. While many of my PA friends were taking their last finals, or already at home enjoying the break, Jersey schools are still rocking with not a care in the world. Shout out to Stefan for putting it all together, and shout out to Isig Ape for coming and doing some of the shots for the night. Again the Cannon camera good investment, getting that high powered flash from Best Buy, that turned not be a best buy… not so much 😦 . On another sad note, the college tour is done for the fall. The Fall Semester & Homecoming Editions are done, the costumes for Halloween are away, the turkeys are stuffed and the finals are final now its time to hit the clubs and get ready for the spring semester college tour.

Squiggly Lights
Dj Beatstreet & Adonai Branded Eternal Apperal
Dj Beatstreet & Adonai Branded Eternal Apperal

College Tour PA Wrap Up Shippensburg & Punxy Back 2 Back

Dj Beatstreet College Tour

It is winding down everyone, the finals are coming the seniors are graduating the freshman are failing everyone is transferring and other people are just passing. This past weekend two colleges back to back Shipppensburg for one last time and then it was off to IUP Punxy Campus for their yearly winter ball. Yes, I said Punxy the famous town that only exists on the shoulders of the popularity of the groundhog named Phil. Me and Phil have an issue and I am waiting for him to come out just admit that he is always going to see his shadow and that the weather is gonna be crap for the next two weeks. Heading to Punxy was a disaster withing its self with all the ice & snow. If he (Groundhog Phil) was up front like that then just maybe, then maybe I can participate in the hype. Now that Pennsylvania schools are coming to a close, time to go to Jersey. Rowan U. Here comes the Dj Beatstreet College Tour.

Punnxsy Phil is the worst weather man since Al Roker

Dj Beatstreet @ Ship
Dj Beatstreet @ Ship
Dj Beatstreet @ Punxy (Please Excuse The Wires)
Dj Beatstreet @ Punxy (Please Excuse The Wires)
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