A Mixture Of This A Mixture Of That & A Surprise

Philadelphia Greek Weekend… umm can’t say much because I wasn’t there! But I was at Lucy Strikes with Dj Omega, & Dj Nasty holding it down for the kickoff of Greek Weekend. Omega really had it put down this time. A team of djs, photographers, live drummer and keyboard, sheesh it was so real. A good kick off to a weekend I could not enjoy because I was out in MD doing this private event in a vineyard out there. It was such a beautiful place. But I had to be apart of Philly Greek Week somehow. I hit my man Dj Qlassik up and was like “Yo I’m coming by to do a surprise Bmore set” and the rest was history. I arrive at Samba, and all I can say is that it was a freaking zoo!!! Dj Damage was in the building, Qlassik going in, Beatstreet on the bmore tip and then went to sleep. I had a long weekend.

Now to the mixture: Dj Omega has put together a Michael Jackson Tribute Mix titled : Remember The Time. He pressed up copies as a two disc set, a white side and black side each containing hits from these particular eras in Jackson’s career. I know that there is over a million Jackson mixes out, but this is definitely worth a listen.

Dj Beatstreet Dj Nasty & Dj Omega

Dj Beatstreet Dj Nasty & Dj Omega

Dj Omega – Remember The Time (Michael Jackson Tribute Mix)

Now on to this guy. Dj Doc Rok, better known as Mr. how to be an Internet rap star takes a microscopic look into what it takes to be a gazillion plays a day rap hit over night via Internet, but i really see his philosophy bringing back the myspace game. Check him out on www.djdockrok.com . Anyway he has dropped a new mix, which I am excited to hear about since he kind of disappeared from the scene for a minute, but I guess with a new apartment you get a new attitude.  Here is what he says about his new mix, and I quote “

I’m launching a new mixtape series today called Deja Vu, and as you can tell from the tracklisting, it’s a little bit different than your normal mixtape.  It’s kind of like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (for hip hop).


Download Here Now



Dj Doc Rok – Deja Vu Mix Vol 1.

Ramble 4 Pre-Cover Release

Ramble 4 Pre Cover Release is out. I know I’m slacking but I recently left the country & just trying to get back into the swing of things. Give me time people.. give me time. I’m out here grinding & staying swine flu free. And you should too!!! *cough, cough*

Dj Beatstreet & Millios & Swine Flu Protection

Dj Beatstreet & Millios & Swine Flu Protection

Dj Beatstreet – Ramble 4 (Pre Cover Release)

Dj Beatstreet, Dj Omega, Dj Flow, Dj Nasty – Philadelphia Greek Weekend Free Bowling Party!!

There is nothing that I can say.. I mean an ALL STAR HEADLINE, FREE BOWLING, CHEAP DRINKS, & SEXY ATTIRE IS A MUST!!  See everyone there:

Greek Weekend Free Bowling Party

Dj Beatstreet, Dj Omega, Dj Nasty Dj Flow

Luck Strikes Bowling Alley (1336 Chestnut St, Phila Pa)


21 & Up

Sexy Attire Is A Must!

Philadelphia Greek Weekend Free Bowling Party

Philadelphia Greek Weekend Free Bowling Party

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