Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday Mix (11-12-09)

I wanna apologize that 11-05-09 is missing and may be missing forever thanks to the works of JC. No need to cry over that because we have the mix from 11-12-09 to share with you! Guys and gals you know what to do, download it and burn, stick it in your zunes, or iPODS and rock away. Also we are now a few days away from Gettysburg College’s annual step-show & after-party I will be on the sounds as well as the talented Dj A-Run. If your in the area come check us out!

Mean Muggin at Sumo

Mean Muggin at Sumo

Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday Mix 11-12-09 Mix 1

Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday Mix 11-12-09 Mix 2

Thirsty Thursday Mixes (Wired 96.5FM)

Again and again I’m sorry I have been on road and running around but best believe that I won’t fail you. Here are 3 weeks worth of downloads from the mix-show on Wired 96.5 FM. Also if you are in the Philly, South Jersey, and Delaware area tune in Thursdays form 1:00-2:00 am during the JC Nocturnal show. Enough with the chit chat now go feed your iPOD.

Its a cold winter ... time to stay warm

Its a cold winter, yall better bundle up

Wired 96.5 FM Mixes

Thirsty Thursday Mix 10-15-09 mix 1

Thirsty Thursday Mix 10-15-09 mix 2

Thirsty Thursday Mix 10-22-09 mix 1

Thirsty Thursday Mix 10-22-09 mix 2

Thirsty Thursday Mix 10-29-09 mix 1

Thirsty Thursday Mix 10-29-09 mix 2

Dickinson College (live audio)

The last leg of the Terror & Bass I stopped at Dickinson College. What was very nostalgic is that I was playing in a room that I have played before about 2 years after I started spinning. Seemed pretty crazy to come back to a place after not being there for so many years, other than that a real nice cool group of kids. I love spinning for cats that love open format.  Here is the audio of the warm up from the 10-11 ish hour. (I apologize for the sloppy-ness I was in the dark and could not find my pitches in a heartbeats notice but oh well YOU WILL LIVE WITH IT!) F.Y.I. Fish Don’t Fry In The Kitchen!!!  Also forgive the pic it was a hot night in Colombia.

Colombia Summer 09

Dj Beatstreet Live @ Dickinson College (Warm Up Session)

ART KLASH 2 (Washington D.C.) – Live Audio

Again another fun filled event over at L’Enfant Moderne Art Gallery. The event was headed by the lead sponsor Purple Pork with co-sponsorships from Durkl, Honest Tea, Studio 43, Pairable and readysetDC.com. The brain child behind the event (Chaz Spears) has created a movement that brings art and music together in a head-to-head competition of artistic talent and speed painting. Photo courtesy of www.dreeastwood.blogspot.com.

Here is the audio of the final segment of Art Klash 2 for your listening pleasure and iPod needs.

Dj Beatstreet Live @ Art Klash in Washington D.C.

Going In

Painter 1

I like this

Leo B

Painter 2

Chaz Spears

Painter 3

The Asthetics

Spinning Next To Some Work Of Art

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