Wired Thirsty Thursday Mix 3-25-10

In light of my stuff getting stolen more stuff was taken, all I can say is that I want this month to be over ASAP! Cuz the 1st of April I will be in Miami doing some running around and partying while everyone else will be returning home and drying off from a rainy WMC week. So happy I did not go! Maybe next year! Tonight on Wired the lines were going nuts for IYAZ ticket giveaways. Congrats to all the winners but I still think its Sean Kingston going by a different name. This was also a good week for the Thirsty Thursday Mix, we touched alot of records so PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!! Thank you. The Management.

2005 Throw Back

Wired Thirsty Thursday 3-25-10 Mix 1

Wired Thirsty Thursday 3-25-10 Mix 2

Track List

Wired Thirsty Thursday 3-25-10 Mix 1

IYAZ – Solo
La Roux – Bulletproof (Benja Styles Remix)
Three 6 Mafia – Feel It (Benja Styles Remix)
Omarion – My Chick Bi
Nathan – Caught Me Slippin’
B.O.B. – Nothing On You
J. Lewis – Dancing For Me
Demarco – Show It
Dj Kay Slay – Thug Luv
Cassidy – Henny & Bacrdi
Dj Kahled – Holla At Me Baby
IYAZ – Replay (Benja Styles Remix)
T-Pain – Reverse Cow Girl
Jay-Z – Young Forever (Dj Beatstreet Rato Dubstep Remix)

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 3-25-10 Mix 2

Drake – Over
Rihanna – Rude Boy (Benja Styles Remix)
Chris Brown – Transform You
Jay-Z – One To The Next One
Lloyd Banks – Beemers, Benz, & Bently
New Boyz – Tie Me Down
Pras – Hipstar
Snoop Dogg – That Tree
Black Eye Peas – Imma Be
Kat Deluna – Push Push
Major Lazer – Keep It Goin’ Louder
Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart
Uncle Jesse – Glen Tech (KW Griff Remix)
Flo Rida – Zoosk
Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me
Jamie Foxx – Winner

Wired Thirsty Thursday Mix 3-18-10 & UGG Nation

Yo! Philly the weather is back and people are dressing less, but staying covered at the same time. How you say? Well these members are apart of UGG Nation. UGG Nation members have been wearing these ugly fur insulated boots all winter that it has burned temperature receptor in their brain so they feel like its okay to wear UGGS in 70, 80 or even 90 degree weather. Please if you see a member wearing them in public in the heat, do them a favor and tell them to take things off!!! Down below is the mix from the the Thirsty Thursday Mix! Enjoy, and Say No To UGGs!!

Just Stop It's Not A Good Look

Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday 3-18-10 Mix 1

Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday 3-18-10 Mix 2

Track List:

Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday 3-18-10 Mix 1
Jason Derulo – In My Head remix
Dj Sat One Ft. MC Elixir – Freak
Estelle – Freak
Major Lazer – Keep It Goin’ Louder
Rick Ross – Hustlin
Enur – Calabria
Pitbull – Hotel Room Service
Birdman – Money To Blow (EZ Money Djs Remix)
Flo Rida – Jump
Major Lazer – Jump
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Dj Mc Fly Edit)
Pitbull – Shut It Down
Gucci Mane – Spotlight
Dj Sega – Sega’s Theme
Dj Class – Tear The Club
Ludacris – My Chick Bad

Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday 3-18-10 Mix 2
Rihanna – Rude Boy
T.I. – Big Things Poppin
Maino – Bring It Back Dj
Ludacris – I Wanna Rock
Trey Songz – Say Ahh
Snow – Informer
Ini Kamoze – Hot Stepper
Drake – Over
Lil Wayne – Knock Out
The Ting Tings – Not My Name
Yo Gotti – Men Lie, Women Lie
Lloyd Banks – Beemer, Benz or Bently
Plies – She Got It Made
Rick Ross – How Low
Nathan – Caught Me Slippin
Trina – Million Dollar Girl
Tiao Cruz – Break Your Heart
Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me
Flo Rida – Right Round
Bingo Players – Get Up (Diplo Remix)

Wired Thirsty Thursday Mix 3-11-10 & Stop Stealing!

Here is another rendition of your Thirsty Thursday Mix on Wired 96.5 FM with JC Nocturnal. I got to touch a lot of records that I think you should hear as well as small Biggie [R.I.P.] tribute. Again Emynd of CFB supplied some heat had to throw in both mixes. Shout-out to Dj Premonition for hooking me up with some tracks. I highly suggest if ya butt is in D.C. check this boy out! Also lets talk about thievery for 1 second. This past weekend my Canon Rebel & Hundreds hoodie was stolen. If something is not yours don’t take it. I know times is hard, and if you needed something that bad….just ask! I would of easily gave you a few dollars to put in your gas tank. Sadly it’s 2010 and cats still acting like neanderthals. *SMH* Enjoy the mix! 

In The Cold



Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 3-11-10 Mix 1 

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 3-11-10 Mix 2 


Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday 4-11-10 Mix 1

 Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be

Major Lazer – Keep It Goin’ Louder

Dj Sega – BE

Tim Dollar – Swing It Drums

Jay-Z – On To The Next One

Rihanna – Rude Boy (Emynd Remix)

Wale – Pretty Girls (Apt One Remix)

B.O.B. – Nothing On You

Maino – Dj Bring It Back

Estelle – Freak

Smoke Jumpers Ft. Pitbull – Spring Break

Ke$ha – Blah Blah

Lil Jon – Machuka

Ying Yang Twins – Shake (Digital Dave remix)

MGMT- Kids

Usher – Somebody To Love

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek

Bei Maejors –  Drunk In The Club

Dj Kahled – All I Do Is Win

 Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday 4-11-10 Mix 2

Keri Hilson – Turning Me Off

Ludacris – How Low (Emynd “low rider” Remix)

Ludacris – My Chick Bad remix

Timberland – Say Something

The Dream – Love King

Rihanna – Hard

Lil Kim – Lighters Up (Biggie Remix)

Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

Timberland – Carry Out (Benja Styles Remix)

Trey Songz – Say Ahh (Dj Sat One Jeep Remix)

Lady GaGa – Telephone

Nathan – Caught Me Slippin

Shannon – Let The Music Play

Justin Bieber – Baby

Dj Kayslay – Thug Luv

Demarco – Show It

Jamie Foxx – Blame It (Ted Smooth Remix)

Plies – She Got It Made

Keep It Goin’ Louder

Keep It Goin’ Louder!!!!!! That says it all. I can say that the Thirsty Thursday Mix has been grinding hard to break new music as well as keep the listener grooving and to all your favorite hits. This past summer and fantastic album dropped by Major Lazer (Diplo/Switch) exploded on the scene and I quickly fell in love with such a great album. Keep it going louder was a more commercial track, but that summer dance feel it makes it an awesome party track any season. Going hard week after week with this record on the mix show I needed all of you to have as much faith as I did in this record and you guys/glas have spoken. I was getting ready for bed when I heard JC on radio shout out the mix show and then said that Major Lazer – Keep It Goin Louder is now going in for rotation! (This was a Tuesday night mind you) To all the people keep supporting, lets make this song a #1 hit while we can and it has now solidified that I gotta Keep It Goin’ Louder for you!

Major Lazer - Keep It Goin Louder

Wired 96.5 FM Announcing Major Lazer – Keep It Going Louder

Wired Thirsty Thursday Mix (3-04-10)

A whole lotta bananas right here! The weather is finally coming around and snow is slowly melting. Philly is coming back to life!! This week on the Thirsty Thursday Mix we got a great line up of remixes from Dj Apt One, Emynd, Benja Styles and Dj Excel. I highly suggest you check these guys out. Also sadly for this week JC fell victim to the Snow-a-cane of 2010 and got sick. There will be no JC or drunk callers sadly. This was a night of playing 12 inches and getting out! Enjoy the Mixes!

A whole lotta bananas

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 3-4-10 Mix 1

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 3-4-10 Mix 2

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday Mix (2-25-10) “Snow-a-cane Edition”

The show must go on! Snow-a-cane 2010 for the north eastern region of the United States is in full effect. Honestly if your in this area you already know how I feel and if your world wide, or some place where it is warm let me introduce you to my feelings. I AM DONE WITH THE SNOW! I AM DONE WITH THE COLD! I AM DONE! Thank you. JC had to leave because he feared that his SUV was not going to make it in the snow, but yet I’m the one driving a recalled Toyota, umm smells fishy, but someone screwed up and left me alone with the mic. Ohh Boy! Enjoy the mix and stay warm, and if your already warm GET COLD!

Im Going Back To Warmer Weather

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 2-25-10 Mix 1

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 2-25-10 Mix 2

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