Cut The Pitbull Sh*t Out!!

Mr. 305

So Pitbull just released his 1st single “Hey Baby: Ft. T-Pain. It’s dope and I would love to see it take off and do well. But as always I have issues. Issue 1: T-Pain is on this track more than Pitbull. Issue 2: Pitbull needs to make a “Bon Bon” English Version!! ASAP!! Issue 3: Pitbull, I love what you do, but sometimes I DO NOT NEED TO BE REMINDED THAT YOU ARE THE “CHICO” AKA Mr.305 ON THE INTRO OF EVERY SONG YOU MAKE!!! Like seriously dude! you killed the energy of the song right before T-Pain’s part. So just to let you know Mr.Bull I cut that crap out. Your Welcome!

Pitbull Ft. T-Pain – Hey Baby clean (Intro Dj Beatstreet T-Pain Quick Hitter edit)

Limelinx Mediafire

Sean Kingston – Dutty Love Quickie Hit

So the Jump Smokers made an awesome uptempo remix of this track, but as always I have issues. The track is entirely too long especially if your waiting for the Nicki Minaj part. I sliced it down so she would come in second, and after that, I still felt that Nicki Minaj’s part should be heard immediately. Bada bing bada boom you now have two short edits. Enjoy!

Sean Kingston – Letting Go (Jump Smokers Remix) Beatstreet Short Nicki Edit

mediafire, limelinx

Sean Kingston – Letting Go (Jump Smokers Remix) Beatstreet Nicki 1st Edit

mediafire, limelinx

Busy Signal – Badman Place (Jayceeoh x Manik & Beatstreet)

Busy Signal Ft. Mavado - Badman Place (Jayceeoh Remix) X (Manik & Beatstreet Bootleg)

I really do not know how this all started but it went like this. Heard this song, called Manik, linked up, went across the street, ended up in some old man’s car, drove around the hood, bought Gatorade, burned turkey patties and completed this. Real badman status!! Great for all who like uptempo dancehall with a power kick!

Busy Signal Ft. Movado – Badman Place (Jayceeoh Remix) Manik x Beatstreet Bootleg


Busy Signal Ft. Movado – Badman Place (Jayceeoh Remix) Manik x Beatstreet Bootleg


Hot Tottie (Straight to The Jay)

They call him King Hov Copy

Let me start off by saying when I heard this song I loved the bassline. When the instrumental kicked in with Usher singing I was highly disappointed in this track, even-though the 1st verse is not that bad. Ester Dean had no point being on this track. I think they could of saved their money and just had Justin Beiber do the female vocal part. Anyway!!!!! Here is my edit of getting straight to the Jay. Seriously kids, You have to wait 3 minutes for the best part of this song. Why not just have it be the song? Get my drift? Enjoy!

Usher – Hot Tottie (Dj Beatstreet Straight to The Jay Edit) clean



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