Infinity Mo Bass Edit

Ok, since electro music is taking over the world by storm lets keep on giving it a helping hand. I mean when your choices are Waka Flocka or a 9 year old who is obsessed with whipping her weave and RnB icons like Usher, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown are all making “fist-pumping” music. It’s a no brainer. For Chris Brown lets hope he can keep his fist pump in the air and not aimed at some random female’s face or Raz B’s. This joint here is mad dope. The 90s version has a great feel, but we are like 12 plus years past that sound so this revival of Guru Josh’s Project Infinity made by Klass has a great electro club sound, but again the people I play for need to be feed good music in Gerber pre-digested portions so I added some more kick to it so the drunkars won’t get “bored” with the music. Enjoy!

Guru Josh - Infinity

Guri Josh – Infinity (Klass Vocal Beatstreet Mo Bass Edit)

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