Classic Baltimore Club Jams

Yo! Kids listen up! My good friend in the industry has released an EP that is fantastic if you like classic rock and Baltimore Club Music. This is also a must smash for all you bar djs out there!! Go download now and thank Doc Rok later!

Bleu Martini (Live Audio)

A few weeks ago I was asked to be over at Bleu Martini over in Olde City. It was a dope time even though every dj that has been there said that the lighting is a bit weird and strenuous on the eyes. But other than that it was a good time. I was feeling a real heavy house/disco atmosphere for the opening set, plus with all the “cool guys and gals” eating and drinking early on it was just right.

Sumo Photo Shoot

Dj Beatstreet at Bleu Martini Hour 1

Dj Beatstreet at Bleu Martini Hour 2

Dj Beatstreet at Bleu Martini Rock & Bmore Sample


Club goers, kids, puppies, and small edible animals. The official release of IN YOUR FACE!!! Baltimore Club Mix is here!!! Click on the link and download now!!!

In Your Face !!!!

In Your Face !!!!

In Your Face !! Baltimore Club Mix

In Your Face!!! Baltimore Club Mix

Here we go again a pre cover art release of a new mix everyone out there. This is for all Baltimore Club, “Party Music” fans out there. Parental discretion is probably advised. Enjoy!

In Your Face @ Z Bar

In Your Face @ Z Bar

In Your Face : Baltimore Club Mix

Beatstreet Beat It Like A Cop In Baltimore Refix!!

Hello everyone here comes a refix of a Baltimore club track by Tim Dolla with everyone’s favorite “Lil” dread head Lil Wayne. All I can say is… I Beat It Like A Cop!!! Shout out to Brick Bandits Crew and Tim Dolla for this joint!

Rodney King Baby I Beat It Like A Cop

Rodney King Baby I Beat It Like A Cop

Lil Wayne Ft. Bobby Valentino – Ms. Officer (Beatstreet Beat It Like A Cop Refix)

Loss Of Wisdom, Hot Cup Of Stardust With A Party Anthem

Losing My Wisdom

Losing My Wisdom

No! I am not getting dumber by the day, but the fate that a good portion of people meet with their useless back teeth has come to it’s final Crossroad. Getting all four wisdom teeth pulled out!! This should be fun based on a lot of people’s experiences. Oh well lets all hope for the best. On a good note, I want to let you all know that I am lazy. I been meaning to post up two tracks from two very good producers who take such great pride in their work and actually put out quality tracks and re-fixes/remixes. These guys go by Dimitris George and Doc Rok (who is not a stranger to the dj beatstreet online thing.)

Dimitris has remixed the house classic “Music Sounds Better With You” by Stardust with our favorite beats and breaks from Baltimore. It give the track a change of pace, but also gives it a new avenue to get worked into sets. As for Doc Rok he has produced a track that he is calling the “Party Anthem”. It has it roots in house and Baltimore Club music as well, and has a good bounce as well. A def must add into your Serato or i Pod. Music downloads below.

Dimitris George

Dimitris George

Dimitris George is an ambidextrous born Gemini who has rocked stages and DJ battles from the tents of Bryant Park during Fashion Week to the Alps in Switzerland. This Washington DC area born and bred DJ/Producer has garnered an international audience, rocked parties across the globe and has been voted 2009 Washington City Paper Best DJ Runner-Up. His mixes/remixes have sold in New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and have been featured by The Rub.

Dimitris George VS Stardust

Dj Doc Rok

Dj Doc Rok

Dj Doc Rok is a Dj/Producer currently residing in the Washington, DC area. Creator of American Zeppelin and Biggie Hendrix remix projects his work has also been featured on numerous shows on MTV, VH1 and Oxygen Networks. This blog was started in part to keep consistent updates of new music projects and files and in part to warn humanity of its impending doom at the hands of cyborg manatee killers that will invade in 2012. You have been warned.

Dj Doc Rok Party Anthem

Horn Track (Baltimore Club)

Baltimore Club Music

New Baltimore Club track produce by me Download Now! Feel free to blog, re-post and show love.

Horn Track @ 192 kps

Horn Track @ 320 kps