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Fashion Tidbit

I came across this watch released by NOOKA, the Zenh Camo X. Looks decent on-line and much better in person. I went out to Pittsburgh this past weekend and hit up BRAVO! (good food) the AVA Lounge, (good stuff) and the Time Bomb Spot. Now from my past Pittsburgh experiences fashion was not to be found in the venues I have been at or in my associates, (sorry) but then came the Time Bomb Spot. All I can say now is that there is hope and more reasons for me to drop some change in Pitt for my next trip. I go into the store do the usual browsing around and all that, and BOOM the watch I have seen on the net is there in my face. I inquired about it, and was told that It was the last one in the store. Sold! Was it true?? I dunno? Say what you want but I take it as a sign or that I’m really gullible but its mine now. Shout out to Brick Diggler! Check out especially if you live in Pittsburgh and cop some legit gear.

Time Bomb Spot (Pittsburgh)
Time Bomb Spot (Pittsburgh)

Camo Watch