Change Has Come

DJ Beatstreet & Barack The Party

A Party Of Change

I’m not going to get into all the details of the election but I see the people have spoken, me and John McCain both loss the election. Enough of all the madness about history being made, now lets watch history evolve and see if the change promised will come. *Now I am off that soap box* Barack The Party was nothing short of madness. From planning and coordinating all the djs, to sound check, to promotions with a two day time span. The event was completely wild. Also for the first time ever at IUP a four dj set in one night. Shout outs to Dj Nasty Naj, Dj Sit N Spin, Dj Hoss for coming by and putting in work for their sets. So to change we pop bottles (just not on my bar tab) so now I see that a “yes we can” turned into a “yes we did”!