Wired Thirsty Thursday Mix 3-11-10 & Stop Stealing!

Here is another rendition of your Thirsty Thursday Mix on Wired 96.5 FM with JC Nocturnal. I got to touch a lot of records that I think you should hear as well as small Biggie [R.I.P.] tribute. Again Emynd of CFB supplied some heat had to throw in both mixes. Shout-out to Dj Premonition for hooking me up with some tracks. I highly suggest if ya butt is in D.C. check this boy out! Also lets talk about thievery for 1 second. This past weekend my Canon Rebel & Hundreds hoodie was stolen. If something is not yours don’t take it. I know times is hard, and if you needed something that bad….just ask! I would of easily gave you a few dollars to put in your gas tank. Sadly it’s 2010 and cats still acting like neanderthals. *SMH* Enjoy the mix! 

In The Cold



Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 3-11-10 Mix 1 

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 3-11-10 Mix 2 


Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday 4-11-10 Mix 1

 Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be

Major Lazer – Keep It Goin’ Louder

Dj Sega – BE

Tim Dollar – Swing It Drums

Jay-Z – On To The Next One

Rihanna – Rude Boy (Emynd Remix)

Wale – Pretty Girls (Apt One Remix)

B.O.B. – Nothing On You

Maino – Dj Bring It Back

Estelle – Freak

Smoke Jumpers Ft. Pitbull – Spring Break

Ke$ha – Blah Blah

Lil Jon – Machuka

Ying Yang Twins – Shake (Digital Dave remix)

MGMT- Kids

Usher – Somebody To Love

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek

Bei Maejors –  Drunk In The Club

Dj Kahled – All I Do Is Win

 Wired 96.5 FM Thirsty Thursday 4-11-10 Mix 2

Keri Hilson – Turning Me Off

Ludacris – How Low (Emynd “low rider” Remix)

Ludacris – My Chick Bad remix

Timberland – Say Something

The Dream – Love King

Rihanna – Hard

Lil Kim – Lighters Up (Biggie Remix)

Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

Timberland – Carry Out (Benja Styles Remix)

Trey Songz – Say Ahh (Dj Sat One Jeep Remix)

Lady GaGa – Telephone

Nathan – Caught Me Slippin

Shannon – Let The Music Play

Justin Bieber – Baby

Dj Kayslay – Thug Luv

Demarco – Show It

Jamie Foxx – Blame It (Ted Smooth Remix)

Plies – She Got It Made

Art Klash Video Finally Emerge & Art Kalsh 2 in the works??

The video has finally emerged from one of the many cameras I saw running around that night. I hope all the other rise from the dead like this one did. The good people at Lenfant Modrene have posted this up on their youtube. I thank them for it. If you are into art go check this place out when your in D.C. its a good time and they have some good pieces.  Check them out at http://www.lenfantmoderne.com/ Enjoy the video!!

Part 1

Part 2

Art Klash, Major, ABE and The Winner Is??

D.C. Art Klash was an amazing event. L’Enfant Moderne is a beautiful gallery and shout outs to  Peter Colasante, the boss. Nice atmosphere, good art, and good stuff. The event was hosted by Chaz of www.howtomakepurplepork.com and actor/model Leo Breckenridge.  Also with special guest judge Judah. For everyone who is not familiar with Judah all I can say is that he is a heavy beat maker in D.C. and really has been causing a lot of noise in the DMV area. Follow him on twitter @judahonthebeat . Also Dj/Producer Dimitris George (Fringe/Hipster Overkill) stopped by. Visit him at www.hipsteroverkill.com Also the cats and owner of Major stopped by and hung out for a while checking out the art work and sounds. Check them out at  http://news.majordc.com/ . Def copped my Major “Tiffany Fitted” and a lot more stuff when I can make a trip down there again.  Oh yeah.. the main point, well Art Klash was a battle between D.C. and Bmore Artist and they had to create a live mural on the spot based on the topic given by the host. The topic was D.C. vs Bmore on a cultural scale. after about an hour and 1/2 of painting. The judges decided on D.C. and Crowed decided on Bmore.  And so, the winner is??? I don’t even know because there was a silent auction held the next day and the mural that won the most would be declared the winner of the event.  Here are some pics enjoy!

Dimitris George and Dj Beatstreet
Dimitris George and Dj Beatstreet

People Taggin During The Event
People Taggin During The Event

D.C. Artist with D.C. Art
D.C. Artist with D.C. Art

Bmore Art
Bmore Art

Dj Beatstreet going in with ABE wear
Dj Beatstreet going in with ABE wear

Leo (center) and the two Judges for the event
Leo (center) and the two Judges for the event

Peter The Boss

Peter The Boss

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