Nicki Minaj Vs. Flo Rida – Super Bass Vs. Wild One

Let’s face the facts.. Super Bass will NEVER DIE! and Wild One is picking up some heat..


Rihanna Ft Chris Brown Vs. Bloody Beetroots – Warp Birthday Cake

I found this to be pretty brainless and a cool opportunity to bring back the Bloody Beetroots “Warp” track. The transition goes from 130 – 80 BPM.


Tyga – El Rack City (Beatstreet Moombah Bootleg)

El Rack City

Tyga – El Rack City clean (Beatstreet Moombah Bootleg)


Avicii x Etta James – Levels (Beatstreet Etta Edit)

If you are out there playing music that slightly matters, then your probably playing this already. If your not… well your late once again. I heard an edit that visited the Etta James sample and I thought it was pretty dope, but I need something that had a little more edge in the club. I mean everyone is jumping and dancing waiting to sing “Good Feeling”. Why not just give it to them off the bat right into the beef of the track? It also wouldn’t hurt to educate a little. Now would it?

Avicii x Etta James – Levels (Beatstreet Etta Edit)

Sak Noel Ft. Pitbull – Crazy People (Beatstreet Miami Edit)

He Stole It Again


Sak Noel dropped this banger a few months back, and then a few months later Pitbull jumped on the beat. I am not surprised, and I don’t Ultra Records is very happy about this. Well the OG version talks about Spain, and there is a Miami version available, so it would be fitting to make a Miami intro for Mr. 305. Pitbull’s 1st verse is also cut out because it sucked. FYI

Sak Noel Ft. Pitbull – Loca Crazy People clean (Beatstreet Miami Edit) Limelinx

Sak Noel Ft. Pitbull – Loca Crazy People clean (Beatstreet Miami Edit)  Mediafire

Chris Brown – Beautiful People Cut Down

America's Favorite


America’s favorite domestic abuser turned from R&B vocalist to rapper and now house music vocalist. Chris Brown has teamed up with Benny Benassi and created the deep house anthem for ugly people who need a song to feel good about themselves. I will say at first I was not a fan, but then over time it slowly grew on me. Cosmic Dawn right now to me has the best version out since the OG has such a slow build. My only issue has been that I am losing energy when I mix this song in sets now. So here is a hook first cut down that gets to point and continues from the second verse on out. All I’m saying is that this song is kinda like “fireworks”, it was made for girls, but all the boys sing the hooks.

Chris Brown – Beautiful People (Cosmic Dawn remix Beatstreet Cutdown) Limelinx

Chris Brown – Beautiful People (Cosmic Dawn remix Beatstreet Cutdown) Mediafire


Duck Sauce – aNYthing (Beatstreet Final Edition Edit)

Duck Sauce

Here is an edit that I use a lot in my corporate events. It is a solid feel good track, but when I first made the edit it was done as a live recording. After a few years of playing this out a revisit was needed to fix the volume of the OG track and some other mastering issues.

Duck Sauce – aNYthing (Beatstreet Final Edition Edit) Limelinx

Duck Sauce – aNYthing (Beatstreet Final Edition Edit) Mediafire 

Taylor Gang

Taylor Gang

So, last night I get a chance to play at Zen Social Club in Pittsburgh. All thanks to the big homie Digital Dave. All I can say is the whole night was on smash. A great time was had by all. Not to mention, down the street the sold out Wiz Khalifa concert had let it and the streets of Station Square in Pittsburgh, was a mad house. Dj Bonics stopped in to Zen after partying it with Wiz & the camp and then I knew it officially the time to drop “Taylor Gang”. This is the new street single getting some push and it creates a problem in the club! Here it is your clean n dirty 8 barred Taylor Gang since most record pools did not make on yet. Shout out to all who came out and the big homies, Dj Nugget, Dj Bonics, Dj Mc Fly, Dj Petey C, & Dj Mech.

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang clean (Beatstreet Intro)

Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang dirty (Beatstreet Intro)

Swedish House Mafia – Save The Word (Smashmode Remix Beatstreet Cutdown)

These Dudes Rule

After hits like “ONE”, Miami To Ibiza” and “Leave The Word Behind” I have to say I was a little disappointed in this new single. I feel like it did not have that punch that all these other songs had from the jump,but all the house heads still love it. Now this smashmode remix, it fills in the vocals with explosive claps and great build ups but the dutch sounding beat bridges have to go… and that is what I did. Hope this gives your big rooms the energy it needed from this song.

Swedish House Mafia – Save The Word (Smashmode Remix Beatstreet Cutdown) Mediafire

Swedish House Mafia – Save The Word (Smashmode Remix Beatstreet Cutdown) Limelinx



On The Floor


Maybe you do this, maybe you don’t maybe you don’t care. When I hear a song with familiar samples or melodies I go a do a little digging. Maybe a lot of you should do the same thing. Go educate your self! I am a sucker for samples so when J Lo dropped on the floor with sampled “Lambada” melody, I saw a perfect opportunity to incorporate the OG into the revived cover. This is such a classic jam, that a few heads may turn, and others may get a quick salsa step before it gets “clubish”  Oh yeah, I currently do this live in my sets, so go steal, it’s ok. I’m allowing you. I’ll survive.

J Lo Ft. Pitbull clean – On The Floor (Beatstreet Lambada Edit)


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