Fat Joe Ft. Chris Brown – Another Round (Beatstreet Dead & Gone Edit)

I think the production on “Dead & Gone” was great but the overall song.. NOT SO MUCH! Its sad and not really cheerful and the Fat Joe record is cool. Sadly, I did not do as well as it should on radio. Here is another twist to this R&B track for your sets or iPod.




Rihanna – Birthday Cake (Beatstreet 80’s Bootleg)

Whats more perfect than mashing up a birthday song with a song about birthday cake?? The 80’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Avicii x Etta James – Levels (Beatstreet Etta Edit)

If you are out there playing music that slightly matters, then your probably playing this already. If your not… well your late once again. I heard an edit that visited the Etta James sample and I thought it was pretty dope, but I need something that had a little more edge in the club. I mean everyone is jumping and dancing waiting to sing “Good Feeling”. Why not just give it to them off the bat right into the beef of the track? It also wouldn’t hurt to educate a little. Now would it?

Avicii x Etta James – Levels (Beatstreet Etta Edit)

Mr Nice Watch (Jay-Z Only)

It has been a minute since we have posted some stuff, but trust this is about to change.. be patient child. Here is a quick edit I did for the J. Cole song Mr. Nice Watch. It is not a bad song, and I like his little melodic hook but Jay-Z murdered the whole song. So in continuation of my “Straight To” series heres the newest edition of “Straight To The Jay”

J. Cole Ft. Jay-Z – Mr. Nice Watch clean (Beatstreet Straight To The Jay-Z Edit) Limelinx

J. Cole Ft. Jay-Z – Mr. Nice Watch clean (Beatstreet Straight To The Jay-Z Edit) Mediafire

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Hooks and Whistles from Bmore)

Foster The People

Indi hipsters are claiming the airwaves, The Black Keys, MGMT, and now Foster The People. This cool song is boosting up Reebok sales faster than what Rick Ross & Swizz Beatz could do. Anyway besides me reminiscing on how bad I wanted own a pair of pump up sneakers, the hipster sound scares radio programmers and people who just don’t understand anything about music & trends. So let’s just get to the point, hooks and whistles and get out! Enjoy!

 Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Hooks and Whistles from Bmore) Limelinx

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Hooks and Whistles from Bmore) Mediafire

Temper Trap vs Jocelyn Enriquez

Sweet Disposition

Serafin & Earwaxxx made this crazy edit blending Do You Miss Me by Jocelyn Enriquez over Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition. It is great a way to bring back this track from the dead, but I also started felling the need to incorporate the OG since rooms full of house heads seem to be looking for the Temper Trap lyrics. Here is a quick edit bringing the both together.

Temper Trap x Jocelyn Enriquez – Do You Miss Me vs Sweet Disposition (Beatstreet Swegway to OG)


Temper Trap x Jocelyn Enriquez – Do You Miss Me vs Sweet Disposition (Beatstreet Swegway to OG)


Lil Jon – Drink (Beatstreet Shots Intro)

Got this track a day ago, and I’m like who just goes out and drinks without some shots??? This just about sums up a night! Enjoy!!

Lil Jon – Drink clean (Beatstreet Adds Some Shots Intro) Limelinx

Lil Jon – Drink clean (Beatstreet Adds Some Shots Intro) Mediafire

Donald Trump

Mac Miller


Here is a quick 8 bar intro I chopped real quick for everyone’s new favorite rapper, Mac Miller. In reality this joint is pretty mixable without the intro, but this kid has more adlibs in the intro than most dancehall tracks I know. I also decided to make two versions of the intro, one with the synth intro and the other with the beat behind it, so chose your poison.

Mac Miller – Donald Trump clean (Dj Beatstreet Intro)


Mac Miller – Donald Trump clean (Dj Beatstreet More Umph Intro)


A Thing Called Love

Love The Art Work

The cover art I have been getting from this group for their singles are amazing. The vibrant colors and simplicity of the ribbons are dope. This track is fairly new and maybe I should let it breath a bit but the hook and pounding chords are all the rave to me. Above & Beyond’s previous single has the same formula as this one, nice solid mid section but weird short off beat, acapella intro. Not a fan of that at all. None of the less, this is a dope house track with a nice hitting hook and having it hit first build a little energy right before it drops when the vocals come in.  Enjoy.

Above & Beyond Ft. Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love (Beatstreet Hook First)


Turn Around Pt 2

Dumm Da Da, Dumm Da Da

Dirty Dutch is dead. That sound has been beaten to death and now just sounds like noise. This new Flo Rida track def revived the sound with some Baltimore  Club drum elements and high paced energy. This is going to be a summer anthem for sure. Get you dancing shoes ready and head to club with this one.

Flo Rida Ft. Pitbull – Turn Around Pt 2 Clean (Beatstreet Intro)


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