Dubstep Till The World Ends Intro

Wobble Wobble

This girl’s face says it all. Kids, do not do drugs. It is not worth the time, money or hair loss.  If you want all those effects without the chemical additives, I suggest getting into dubstep. Strangely, Miss Federline/Spears has been using dubstep breakdowns in her two singles. From a radio perspective this is a very bold move, since about 99% of the population doesn’t understand it. Here is the Femme Fatal remix with the dubstep breakdown as the intro. It flows pretty nice into Nicki Minaj’s verse. Enjoy

Britney Spears Ft. Nicki Minaj, Kesha – Till The World Ends clean (Femme Fatale Beatstreet Dubstep Intro)


Go Go Wine

New Vybz Kartel Smash

I usually post pictures of the artist, but Mr. Kartel…… yeah not happening. I like how this track has the famous reggae “ahh” or “hey” sample. I don’t know what that sound is but in most riddims that have it, I like it! Def has a nice low-end to get the club rocking and ladies are already eating up the “Go Go Wine”. Expect a youtube wine dance explosion in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully all us djs can move away from the Lumidee track from 2003 and push this joint.

Vybz Kartel – Go Go Wine clean (Beatstreet Intro)


Tony Yayo Is Back For The Haters

Im not mad at this

When I get an email promoting a song, if it is one of these southern rappers it gets an automatic delete with no chance in hell for me to hear it. Another cat that gets an auto delete is Tony Yayo. Once that hit single hit the air waves he was praised and the then forgotten. Since that single…. well lets just say he has been working. The other day while listening to Shade 45 a song caught my attention and to my surprise its a Tony Yayo song. Congrats to Yayo if this don’t impact radio soon, at least I know the streets will be rocking this heavy.

Tony Yayo – Haters clean (Beatstreet Intro)

Mediafire clean

Tony Yayo – Haters dirty (Beatstreet Intro)

Mediafire dirty

Drop It Low intro

Kat Deluna not Kat Stacks

I do not have anything rude to say about this artist. I like her, and she stays grinding and I know she will come with a number one record sooner than later. This is her new track, and its gonna go crazy in the clubs! I mean if it means or is worth anything to the kids, it probably is going to get Snooki approved.


Kat Deluna –  Drop It Low (Beatstreet Intro)


Bubba Sparkxxx – Ridiculous

Someone is back

I had the pleasure of meeting this guy a few months back. Totally cool dude, and his performance was energetic and enthusiastic as if he was back in his prime a few years back. Now the new track, it is going to give me sometime to get use to because this is not your standard Bubba material. Just about everyone that is failing in Hip Hop is jumping on the “Pitbull Bandwagon” and making “techno” records. All I can do is drop my head in disbelief. Well around summer time we will see if this track makes it to be as popular as the Pitbull techno sounding stuff.


Bubba Sparkxxx Ft. Ying Yang Twins – Ridiculous clean (Beatstreet Intro)


Beyonce – Girls Run Pon Di World


I personally could not even be proud of this if I wanted to be. I really want to go up to Mrs. Carter and be like you know your over a year late with this track. More power to Major Lazer but really though this joint is pretty wack on Mrs. Carter’s behalf. Oh yeah, I’m calling her Mrs. Carter. You can save the “Knowles” nonsense for album sales.  In my honest opinion when the main beat drop is doing its thing, NO ONE! and I mean NO ONE should be rapping or singing over it. End of story. Here is a quick hype hitter with Beyonce calling out all girls to revolt and set cars and their boyfriend’s belongings on fire right into the original, with no talk.  Enjoy.

Beyonce Vs. Major Lazer – Pon Di Floor (Beatstreet Girls Run Hype Intro)


Look At Me Now

Hey! Look At Me Now...Free Man... Kinda

Look at me now! Restraining order lifted! Look at me now! Classes completed! Look at me now! 12 hundred hours of community service! Yeah I get that paper!!! Here is some abusive edits for Chris Brown – Look At Me Now.

Chris Brown – Look At Me Now clean (Dj Beatstreet intro)


Chris Brown – Look At Me Now clean (Hook First)


Chris Brown – Look At Me Now clean (Get To The Busta)


Down On Me …. Pause

50 Cent & Jeremih (aka B-Day Sex one hit wonder)

This to me has to be the weirdest duo of the year. I mean like why would 50 wanna work with Jeremih and can Jeremih afford 50? Whatever the case, this song is a beast. A beast becomes a monster in the club if it is mixed right. All you new kids and followers of music take note. This track had a slow build till it gets into its full swing, I could care less for intro ad-libs and what hood you rep or shouting out the producer on the track. So anyway like I was told by a knowledgeable friend of mine. Get to the point. So thats what I did. We have a hook into 50 Cents verse and we have a better a drop into the full song, for everyone who enjoys Jeremih’s 1st verse.

Jeremih Ft. 50 Cent – Down On Me clean (Straight To The 50)


Jeremih Ft. 50 Cent – Down On Me clean (Break It Down Intro)




Diplo vs Tietso

I will admit, I slept on this track like the natural moron that I am. Luckily, my satellite has been doing the job that regular radio can not do, even if  regular radio’s very existence depended on it. That would be to play good music of course. Again, electro/electronic music is on the rise to mainstream popularity. OMG we may start wearing skinny jeans and think we are European. Pause, we already do.  My man Digital Dave out of Pittsburgh, the home of this years losing Super Bowel team, made a dope refix of C’mon, telling everyone to get their hands up. Then the homie Busta Rhymes jumped on this track and murdered it. So I had make the two meet and marry each other. So go download, play this and stop listening to Justina Biber.


Tietso vs Diplo Ft. Busta Rhymes – C’mon


Barbra Streisand Gotta Go Home

So,  how this came to be… As I wondered around the PALMS Casino Resort in Las Vegas I heard something that sounded like Barbra Streisand. I heard it again and again over the 24 hour period I stayed in the Hotel. With the help of a little research and double clicking magic it came up with this little edit here. I really would go into more detail with one, but it required me to do a little home work. Try it sometime, you may pass the test for once.


Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Dj Beatstreet Gotta Go Home Edit)

Mediafire Link

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