Infinity Mo Bass Edit

Ok, since electro music is taking over the world by storm lets keep on giving it a helping hand. I mean when your choices are Waka Flocka or a 9 year old who is obsessed with whipping her weave and RnB icons like Usher, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown are all making “fist-pumping” music. It’s a no brainer. For Chris Brown lets hope he can keep his fist pump in the air and not aimed at some random female’s face or Raz B’s. This joint here is mad dope. The 90s version has a great feel, but we are like 12 plus years past that sound so this revival of Guru Josh’s Project Infinity made by Klass has a great electro club sound, but again the people I play for need to be feed good music in Gerber pre-digested portions so I added some more kick to it so the drunkars won’t get “bored” with the music. Enjoy!

Guru Josh - Infinity

Guri Josh – Infinity (Klass Vocal Beatstreet Mo Bass Edit)

Mediafire Link

Last Call Party Tool

Did you know that Jersey Shore had a soundtrack? Probably not. Did you know Midi Mafia made the hit single for this unknown album that is flying off the shelves faster than the “Best of Dolly Parton” at a Best Buy in Harlem. Probably not. You may be asking yourself is this single even that good? Probably not. So why even bother. On a better note, enjoy the edit. Useful party themes to get your crowds attention. Now, don’t go messing it up with some over played “get your hands up” Fatman Scoop vocals



Midi Mafia – Last Call clean (Dj Beatstreet Party Edit)

Mediafire Link

Waka – No Hands – W/intro

This may be dumbest human being to date, and this may the lowest point of my musical edits ever. My excuse: the website I pay to get my music from released a bad quality version of this song, I can’t have that go on for radio and the club because it had too much low end. Shout out to my connect with the official studio joints! WINNING!!

Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka – No Hands clean (Dj Beatstreet Edit)

Mediafire Link

Snoop Dogg – Wet w/intro

I like this song, and I don’t care what you thing. Its oddly horrible and good at the same time. I was actually surprised that Snooped picked up production from the Cataracs. This may be an album full of surprises. The original version of this song is called wet but I am posting the edit of the super clean called sweat. Deal with it!


Snoop Diggy Dogg

Snoop Dogg – Sweat clean (Dj Beatstreet Intro)

Mediafire Link

Lil Wayne – 6 Foot 7 Foot w/intro

Ok, kids I’m gonna jump on the hype of Lil Wayne and this “MILLI” part two rap. Here is a quick edit i made with parts of the song since no instrumental is available currently. I personally like a little kick behind my songs when I drop them.


Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Ft. Corey Gunz – 6 Foot 7 Foot clean (Dj Beatstreet 4 bar intro)

Mediafire Link

Keri Get To The Point

Dear Miss Hilson, can I call you Miss Hilson? Why release a remix with Kanye and make me wait 4 minutes to hear his verse. Come on son! Why waste your label’s money like that? Lets be honest Keri its a cool song, but its not moving. I think this remix was a desperate attempt to make the single pop. So here, let me put your money to use and give the people what you paid for properly. Hope the single takes off.

– The Management

Keri Hilson & Kanye West

Keri Hilson & Kanye West

Keri Hilson Ft. Kanye West Pretty Girl Rock clean (Straight To The Kanye)

Mediafire Link

Keri Hilson Ft. Kanye West Pretty Girl Rock clean (Hook First To The Kanye)

Mediafire Link

Hook 2 The Nicki edit


Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj being dumb or being themselves

It’s going to be a matter of time till this song is dead, I see it slowly happening in the clubs. The edits I have are starting to fail me, people want to get straight to hook now, and really don’t want to two-step during Sean Kingston’s amazing lyrical performance. Here is the edit, hook intro then Nicki’s verse and well I never make it the end of the record, but this shall do the trick for the next month.

Sean Kingston Ft. Nicki Minaj – Letting Go clean (Beatstreet Hook 2 the Nicki)

Limelinx Link

40 Glocc – One Day At A Time intros


40 Glocc

I heard this track about a month ago on Shade 54. I really liked the track, but it was no where to be found. One day it appears in my email and I decided to make and intro and hook 1st version. The hook is catchy and the singer sounds like AKON so I think people may give it a listen.

40 Glocc – One Day At A Time (clean intro)

limelinx link

40 Glocc – One Day At A Time (clean Matata Hook First intro)

limelinx link

Ginuwine – Pony (Boson Dubstep)

Ride It

So all my dj buddies went to MUR MUR this past week and told me about a track that Dj Spider dropped. DUBSTEP PONY is all they could utter. After some super quick researching and some ideas floating in my head, I decided to make this track a little more friendlier for the mainstream crowds thats until the wobble hits! Also, shout out to the kid BOSON for killing this remix.

Ginuwine – Pony (Boson Dubstep remix x Beatstreet Quick Hitter)

Mediafire Limelinx

Ginuwine – Pony (Boson Dubstep remix x Beatstreet Hook Hitter)

Mediafire Limelinx

Hot Tottie (Straight to The Jay)

They call him King Hov Copy

Let me start off by saying when I heard this song I loved the bassline. When the instrumental kicked in with Usher singing I was highly disappointed in this track, even-though the 1st verse is not that bad. Ester Dean had no point being on this track. I think they could of saved their money and just had Justin Beiber do the female vocal part. Anyway!!!!! Here is my edit of getting straight to the Jay. Seriously kids, You have to wait 3 minutes for the best part of this song. Why not just have it be the song? Get my drift? Enjoy!

Usher – Hot Tottie (Dj Beatstreet Straight to The Jay Edit) clean



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