Philly VS. Pittsburgh Mixtape

So this past Sunday I was able to go to Philadelphia mixtape release of Philly VS. Pittsburgh City Series Vol 1. The night just could of  been called the Philadelphia Music Conference. Just about anybody who is anybody was in there. Good food and drinks along with good music. Philadelphia (Dj Royale, Tommy Diz, and Sat One) opened up the night for the Pittsburgh visitors (Dj Nugget and McFly) who completely smashed their sets and smashed Eastern Liberties section of Philadelphia.  The mix is featured below and it is definitely worth a listen, no disappointments here. Enjoy

Left To Right: Tommy Diz, Sat One, McFly, Nugget, & Royale

A Bunch of losers! Left To Right: Dj Kurve, Dj Bizz, Dj Ni9e, Dj Elvis Suarez, Dj Isaac Jordan, Dj Buck, Dj Bruce, Dj Royale, Dj J-Spin, Dj Nugget, Dj Sat-One, Dj McFly, Dj Beatstreet

Dusk (Atlanic City) & Wired Thirsty Thursday Mix (2-4-10)

Last week was BANANAS! Wild and crazy week Spinning at Valanni on Wed for Dj Bizz (Bum Squad) B Day then Thursday at Denim for Dj Omega B Day Bash with a whole team of fantastic djs. Shout out to Qlassick, Damage, Nasty, Jay Yo, & Big Jae for spinning and putting it down. MC Elixir came and held the night down on the mic. Friday I ended up at DUSK in Atlantic City with resident Dj Royale. DUSK was nothing less than a good time also with a special guest performance by American Idol contestant Blake Lewis.

Also guess what kids here is this weeks mix from Wired 96.5 FM (2-4-10) Feed your iPOD or MP3 player Now!!

Dj Royale going in at DUSK

Dj Beatstreet Going in @ DUSK

Heavy! Real Heavy!

Download Links

Wired Thirsty Thursday Mix 1

Wired Thirsty Thursday Mix 2

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