Down On Me …. Pause

50 Cent & Jeremih (aka B-Day Sex one hit wonder)

This to me has to be the weirdest duo of the year. I mean like why would 50 wanna work with Jeremih and can Jeremih afford 50? Whatever the case, this song is a beast. A beast becomes a monster in the club if it is mixed right. All you new kids and followers of music take note. This track had a slow build till it gets into its full swing, I could care less for intro ad-libs and what hood you rep or shouting out the producer on the track. So anyway like I was told by a knowledgeable friend of mine. Get to the point. So thats what I did. We have a hook into 50 Cents verse and we have a better a drop into the full song, for everyone who enjoys Jeremih’s 1st verse.

Jeremih Ft. 50 Cent – Down On Me clean (Straight To The 50)


Jeremih Ft. 50 Cent – Down On Me clean (Break It Down Intro)