So We Shop At Omoi …. What!

Fashion Tidbid


This watch is freaking awesome!!! I stopped into Omoi on 16th and Pine cause word on the street is that they got a pretty decent selection of Nooka watches on deck. The word was true. I copped an all white on white for my mom’s birthday. She was excited about the watch, but she still can’t read the time and all her out-of-style friends think she has a computer on her wrist. Totally hilarious to see old people bugging out over the watch. Then came the glow in the dark watch. I was heading out to Gettysburg for the Valentine Day dance and I was getting tired of my multi-colored camo Nooka watch and also what’s better than getting a V-Day gift that you really want?? Nothing! So I then jetted to Omoi Friday evening to picked up the glow in the dark watch that had been illuminating in my brain for the past few days. I’m happy that I don’t have to head out all the way to Pittsburgh to get a good watch, but I do need to head out to Time Bomb again soon. Glowing nights here we come.

Visit my good friends at Omoi Inc, at

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