Hook 2 The Nicki edit


Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj being dumb or being themselves

It’s going to be a matter of time till this song is dead, I see it slowly happening in the clubs. The edits I have are starting to fail me, people want to get straight to hook now, and really don’t want to two-step during Sean Kingston’s amazing lyrical performance. Here is the edit, hook intro then Nicki’s verse and well I never make it the end of the record, but this shall do the trick for the next month.

Sean Kingston Ft. Nicki Minaj – Letting Go clean (Beatstreet Hook 2 the Nicki)

Limelinx Link

Sean Kingston – Dutty Love Quickie Hit

So the Jump Smokers made an awesome uptempo remix of this track, but as always I have issues. The track is entirely too long especially if your waiting for the Nicki Minaj part. I sliced it down so she would come in second, and after that, I still felt that Nicki Minaj’s part should be heard immediately. Bada bing bada boom you now have two short edits. Enjoy!

Sean Kingston – Letting Go (Jump Smokers Remix) Beatstreet Short Nicki Edit

mediafire, limelinx

Sean Kingston – Letting Go (Jump Smokers Remix) Beatstreet Nicki 1st Edit

mediafire, limelinx

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