Lil Jon – Drink (Beatstreet Shots Intro)

Got this track a day ago, and I’m like who just goes out and drinks without some shots??? This just about sums up a night! Enjoy!!

Lil Jon – Drink clean (Beatstreet Adds Some Shots Intro) Limelinx

Lil Jon – Drink clean (Beatstreet Adds Some Shots Intro) Mediafire

Gorilla Zoe – Twisted (J.Farell remix)

Hey, check this video out real quick and listen to this track. J. Farell is a local tri-state producer who recently got hold of the Gorilla Zoe – Twisted vocal and created a beast radio ready record from a lackluster original track. Take a listen.

I’m The Ish – Benja Styles (remix quick hit)


Dj Class

Benja Styles made a remix of this joint with the beat from Quad City Djs – Ride The Train. It was sitting in my serato for a while collecting dust, because I have soo much music. After hearing it, I liked Lil Jon’s verse so I slimed it down to be a quick hitter for all the “straight to point” djs out there. Enjoy and check out Benja Styles when you get a second.

Dj Class – Im The Ish dirty (Benja Styles remix Dj Beatstreet Quick Crunk Hitter)

Alt Link

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