Medium Rare

Medium Rare

Dj Bizz & Dj Beatstreet Present


When: Every Thursday
Where: Marmont Steakhouse & Bar (222 Market St. Philadelphia, PA)
Time 10pm-2am


$2 Drink Specials
$2 Drink Specials

Thursday nightlife is back in full effect with it’s well seasoned spices. Your chefs for the evening Dj Bizz (Bum Squad) & Dj Beatstreet (Thirsty Thursday) are ready to serve you well prepared and never under cooked beats for the evening.

Every Thursday at The Marmont Steak House (222 Market St, Philadelphia PA) grab a $2 Drink and get prepared to be cooked MEDIUM RARE!

Bleu Martini (Live Audio)

A few weeks ago I was asked to be over at Bleu Martini over in Olde City. It was a dope time even though every dj that has been there said that the lighting is a bit weird and strenuous on the eyes. But other than that it was a good time. I was feeling a real heavy house/disco atmosphere for the opening set, plus with all the “cool guys and gals” eating and drinking early on it was just right.

Sumo Photo Shoot

Dj Beatstreet at Bleu Martini Hour 1

Dj Beatstreet at Bleu Martini Hour 2

Dj Beatstreet at Bleu Martini Rock & Bmore Sample

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