Beatstreet College Tour In New Jersey

Dj Beatstreet College Tour: Rowan University

So, it seems that New Jersey runs on a we don’t care system. While many of my PA friends were taking their last finals, or already at home enjoying the break, Jersey schools are still rocking with not a care in the world. Shout out to Stefan for putting it all together, and shout out to Isig Ape for coming and doing some of the shots for the night. Again the Cannon camera good investment, getting that high powered flash from Best Buy, that turned not be a best buy… not so much šŸ˜¦ . On another sad note, the college tour is done for the fall. The Fall Semester & Homecoming Editions are done, the costumes for Halloween are away, the turkeys are stuffed and the finals are final now its time to hit the clubs and get ready for the spring semester college tour.

Squiggly Lights
Dj Beatstreet & Adonai Branded Eternal Apperal
Dj Beatstreet & Adonai Branded Eternal Apperal

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