Beyonce – Girls Run Pon Di World


I personally could not even be proud of this if I wanted to be. I really want to go up to Mrs. Carter and be like you know your over a year late with this track. More power to Major Lazer but really though this joint is pretty wack on Mrs. Carter’s behalf. Oh yeah, I’m calling her Mrs. Carter. You can save the “Knowles” nonsense for album sales.  In my honest opinion when the main beat drop is doing its thing, NO ONE! and I mean NO ONE should be rapping or singing over it. End of story. Here is a quick hype hitter with Beyonce calling out all girls to revolt and set cars and their boyfriend’s belongings on fire right into the original, with no talk.  Enjoy.

Beyonce Vs. Major Lazer – Pon Di Floor (Beatstreet Girls Run Hype Intro)


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