Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday Mix (2-25-10) “Snow-a-cane Edition”

The show must go on! Snow-a-cane 2010 for the north eastern region of the United States is in full effect. Honestly if your in this area you already know how I feel and if your world wide, or some place where it is warm let me introduce you to my feelings. I AM DONE WITH THE SNOW! I AM DONE WITH THE COLD! I AM DONE! Thank you. JC had to leave because he feared that his SUV was not going to make it in the snow, but yet I’m the one driving a recalled Toyota, umm smells fishy, but someone screwed up and left me alone with the mic. Ohh Boy! Enjoy the mix and stay warm, and if your already warm GET COLD!

Im Going Back To Warmer Weather

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 2-25-10 Mix 1

Wired 96.5 Thirsty Thursday 2-25-10 Mix 2

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