Thanksgiving Eve 2010

All the info needed is on the flyer. Get your 5 Dollar bills and livers ready! Good times, good drinks, and an even better hangover. This Thanksgiving will be one to remember, but actually wish you could forget!!!! Lets Go!!


Valanni Thanksgiving Eve 2010

Before Cutting The Turkey

Dj Beatstreet & Dj A-Run

Thanksgiving eve, while most of us were on the road and others were cooking an oversize chicken. Dj A-Run and I were at Ms. Tootsies Soul Food Cafe. Putting it down for the Urban Jungle party where A-Run was hailed as “World Famous”. That may had to be the funniest thing that night besides the hostess calling me “Dean” all night, and the manager consistently telling us that the volume was too loud when we all really worked with was out monitor in the back of the booth. Shout out to the girl who got trashed by 10:45pm this buds for you! Shout out to A-Run and his chauffeur service for dipping out at midnight and not getting any flicks of me. This will be remembered.

Dj A-Run
Dj A-Run aka “World Famous”