Dubstep Till The World Ends Intro

Wobble Wobble

This girl’s face says it all. Kids, do not do drugs. It is not worth the time, money or hair loss.  If you want all those effects without the chemical additives, I suggest getting into dubstep. Strangely, Miss Federline/Spears has been using dubstep breakdowns in her two singles. From a radio perspective this is a very bold move, since about 99% of the population doesn’t understand it. Here is the Femme Fatal remix with the dubstep breakdown as the intro. It flows pretty nice into Nicki Minaj’s verse. Enjoy

Britney Spears Ft. Nicki Minaj, Kesha – Till The World Ends clean (Femme Fatale Beatstreet Dubstep Intro)


Britney Spears Varsity Team Remix

This woman is a complete mess, I really think she has lost her noggin and I am going to stop because I have nothing nice to say, but Varsity Team is another story. The two man crew composed of Tommy Diz and Ahrtoo are starting to smash the remix game and giving some of the reigning heavy hitters a reason to raise their eyebrow. Check them out on twitter and soundcloud.

Twitter (twitter.com/VarsityTeamNYC).  They also have a dedicated Soundcloud page (http://soundcloud.com/varsityteam).

Britney Spears – Till The World Ends clean (VT Remix Beatstreet Hook First edit)


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